Monday, August 27, 2012

Supposed to be warm again today... We shall see what gets done.  I should mow the lawn, and maybe I will.  I see leaves are falling- I think many are due to the drought we had earlier this year.  My apple tree has been dropping it's leaves; it's not looked good this year.  The leaves look scrunched up, and I don't know why.

I got 75% of the upper field tackled yesterday.  The White Snake Root was worse than I thought. It's really really really a tough weed and if it were not poisonous, I would leave it, but it just takes over and gets higher than my waist.  Some of the plants were blossoming, but many had not yet.  I think this will be a multi year deal- to get this under control.

I visited with my parents yesterday, and it was very nice.  My dad likes my new car (he got one the same time as me), so he keeps going and checking it out and asking me questions.  I am happy with it, save for the gas mileage... but, what are you going to do?  If you want to be able to pull something, you need a 6 cylinder, and one with a bit of umph.... Oh well.  Makes me be a bit more conscientious about traveling and do I really need to go here/there?

Still have not worked Joe in my field.  There are some downed trees, that are just going to make it really dangerous- and I need to get Charlie out there to cut them up and remove them...

Watched "Amish, Out of the Order" last night, and it was pretty emotional- one of the personalities was tragically killed in a car crash.  Very sad, and also, the main personality "Mose" talked about the abuse he suffered by his dad- that when he would get a spanking, there would be blood in his shoes, that had run down his legs...  all of this made me not sleep well at all last night...

Well, that's it for now... hope I sleep better tonight- will be starting the Patrick Taylor book.

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