Friday, August 17, 2012

Cooler out this morning.  Last night I heard crickets that were SO loud.  I wonder if they are realizing that this hot summer is coming to an end?  I have not heard them that loud all year.  I realize now why I am not sleeping well.  My knees.  I can't leave them straight all night, or they get stiff, but if I bend them, within five minutes I wake up and have to straighten.  I guess I need to figure something out that will help with this, or I will never sleep!

Today I have to do errands, pay some bills, and work Dan.  I will leave early tomorrow morning to get to the trial.  I hope Dan finds his sheep.  We have never run open there before, and it can be a tricky outrun.  The bed and breakfast I have a room in for Sat night is only 6 minutes away.  Can't beat that!

So glad that cooler weather is coming.  I can get stuff done at the barn and around the farm.  I pretty much refused to work in high heat/humidity.  Just can't do it.

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Kathy said...

Have you tried sleeping with a pillow under your knees so that they are just slightly bent?