Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dutchess County Fair

This week the Dutchess County fair starts today, and runs through Sunday.  I have worked the fair since 2000, but this year, I won't be doing so.  They did not contact me in time to have sheep for a demo, and they did not have the right set up, so we mutually agreed to nix it.   I am happy about it in many ways, because I would really like to just go and enjoy the fair for once.  I always go and see my friends on livestock hill- and this year can just chat and relax with them.  There is the great Greek Gyro place (mmmm) and excellent apple crisp... Then, of course, there is checking out the pro rodeo on Sunday, where watching the cowboys in their wranglers never gets old.  This is the real deal- the bulls they use are so placid when hanging out in their pens, but get a rider on them...well, a whole other story.  Weather is supposed to be nice, so I am psyched.

This week my nephew wants to come over to earn some money.  I have just the work for him... Cleaning out the barn.  Bought a nice new pitchfork, so it should be easier than when I used the antique three tine one... What a pain! 

Dogs are good.  Joey needs to work.  He's always been mature for his age, and I can see his brain needs engaging, even at this young age. When we went to the farm yesterday, after our walk, Dan ran to the field wanting to work.  I needed a wee break so we didn't.  I was beat yesterday, but I feel better today.

We got more rain last night.  I can't believe how green we are well into August.  If this keeps up we will have grass for the sheep through November.  I am not complaining.  My house is green though too- all that wet causes green to grow on the siding, so next month I will power wash everything.

Today, nothing special.  Busy at work, but then, hey, that's what work is all about...

That's it for now!

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Elaine P said...

We are HUGE Dutchess County Fair fans!!! You will be missed! And I agree with you about the apple crisp...we always end the day with it!