Saturday, August 25, 2012

I headed up to the farm and was greeted with hot/humid and buggy.  I am so sick of this.  I did notice that the hill field is coming back FAST though, so I may actually have grass well into November...

Sheep are fine, they were hanging out under trees/shrubs.  There is one ewe in there that is a witch- she just hauls off and butts the others... I ordered a breeding harness for the ram, as I don't want to use the messy raddle powder again.  I am pretty sure he hasn't done any breeding yet- it's just too warm still.

After the walk with the dogs, I headed home and now I am just doing more sitting around.  I am just plain tired today.  Watching "The Incredible Dr. Pol" tonight and of course "My Cat from Hell".  Real exciting, I know, but I need a down time day/night!

Tomorrow is another day, let's hope I can actually do something!

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