Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dan and Esther Williams

Here is the story from yesterday in all it's glory:

Yesterday I got to the farm after leaving a friend's place, and had to gather the sheep from the hill field and put in the big field so I could barn up the three that were going. Two of them just got to my farm the day before, not dog broke and as most are at John's feral with people (the only contact they get is when their tails are chopped off). So, my flock comes running down the hill, but no Dan. The two newbies were not with the flock. So, Dan had to well, dog break them and get them to me. They ran toward the field I wanted- YES! but then they squished themselves in the corner of the fence by the barn. I was able to grab one and get it in the barn, but the other one ran down the fence line... along the over grown wooded area along the pond.... and I sent Dan. Now, these buyers were supposed to come in 1/2 hour, so we really needed to get her. As I lamented that, I heard a "plop". I look down at the pond and this ewe lambs is swimming like Esther Williams, with Dan in hot pursuit. Dan likes to swim, but I never thought he would do something like that. I guess when I said "away" it means get sheep no matter what. So, anyway, there they go across the big pond. Dan's getting angry because he can't pass her to turn her and when he does, she veers away from me. After more minutes, they get to the other over grown side and get out. AH, I thought, they will come down the lane and I can get her. Nope. "Plop" back in the water go the two. Oh for God's sake. So, back across the water. Finally, I decide one of them will have a heart attack, probably the lamb and I will lose $150!!! So, I call Dan off, and he reluctantly comes to me. I bring flock near fence so she can see them, but she stayed put in the reeds. I finally put Dan up and walk down there, about to get in water, and after taking my shoes off, I stepped on prickers, so I said to heck with it. Then, the people showed up. I carried the wether to their trailer (he was huge) and THANK GOODNESS he started baaing for friends, which attracted Esther Williams sheep to the trailer, and after some finagling, I got her in the pasture. Then, caught she and her sister and sent them on their way.

When I got home, I told my mother what happened. She has not laughed that hard in a very very long time. I think I made her day.

So, I worked Joe earlier in the day at a friend's place, and this story happened just before the buyers came.   They were a nice couple, and came with a trailer, so I instantly figured they were serious buyers.  They were very good natured about the whole catch the lamb thing.  Nice people- young farmers from out west who were now established just up the road from me.  While they were there, another guy showed up and was interested in buying for butchering.  He asked if I would barter for snow plowing.  Perhaps, I thought, but as of now, I am out of lambs for selling.   I only have the good lambs/ewes that I want to keep.  I made a nice profit on the three that went yesterday, and the money is desperately needed.

Last night I did not sleep but a couple hours.  My mind raced about money, I had night mares, you name it.  I even got up at one point and read a book.  Today I am beyond tired.  I wish I could find a way to just chill when I am stressed.

I have moved the flock back into the big field.  They all look great.  Today it's cooler, and less humidity.  Good on that!

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