Friday, August 24, 2012

I made good on my plan to go to the Dutchess County fair yesterday.  I ended up going late in the day after I had worked Joe and Dan.  Joe's still pushy and needing something to remind him I am boss... Dan's shedding is going well.  I think he definitely has it, I just have to convince him to NOT run to cover the sheep we split off. 

After working the dogs, I ran home, and changed and freshened up and met my sister and her son at the fair.  We walked around a bit.  I bought something for a friend of mine which unfortunately spent all my money except $5.00, so I just got some mozzarella sticks, and my sister was kind enough to buy me an apple crisp.  The fair is so expensive, it's not something I can really afford to do these days, but I am glad I went.  I enjoy spending time with my sister and her kids.  He's such a sweet nephew, he even offered me money for food, which of COURSE I refused- good kid.  I have mentioned money is tight right now, and true it is!

We went through the livestock barns and then down to the area that held cool animals like a Coati mundi, Kinkajou and a Lemur.  I noticed the high divers were not there- I miss them- they are so cool.  

Saw some old friends near the mini-donkey pen, and one of the donkeys was trying to escape...  They only tied the gate on...

Got home early and was really beat from the day.  Looking forward to the weekend.

Well, that's it for now!

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