Monday, July 1, 2013

Deer and Horse flies

Time has been flying.. So have the bugs.. and humidity rolls right on too...  I wormed the lambs the other day as one ewe lamb just had this different look- her fleece not as shiny, and when I checked her eyelids and gums, although her eyelids seemed not bad, her gums were pale.. this wet weather is just perfect for parasites to go nuts.. and kill your sheep.  I am going to be uber careful  from now on...

Baby lamb, who was two weeks old last Friday is doing well, and is independent.. it is so funny how each lamb is different.  My black ewe lamb is so tied to her mother, that it is amazing.. and when I separate her from her mother, she gloms on to any other ewe she can.  This baby lamb, when mom comes into jug to be fed, she many times is not even with her mother...  This is probably how it was for me as a kid- independent even from that age!

I had a lesson with Michael Gallagher - took Joe.  I thought maybe we would work on driving, but ended up working on corner work, just to get him thinking as he came up on sheep.  Within a short time we had that happening.  Michael really liked him and asked for his pedigree several times.  He liked his looks too- Joe does happen to be very handsome, if I do say so myself.  I left the lesson quite happy with my boy.  He agreed to wait on trialing Joe.   Says that he will be good open dog if I take my time, so that we will do.

Some of the sheep are getting just eaten by the Deer and Horse flies.  I brought them in yesterday and applied Swat to the areas in front of and behind their bags, where they get attacked.  They almost melted- I think it felt very good to have a bit of cream on those areas.. I feel for them.. I hate to see my sheep uncomfortable.  I also put some on their ears and around their face..

It poured yesterday.. hard enough for me to worry that if it kept up we could be in real trouble.

Sheepdog trial this weekend, and in between now and then just the usual....

Hope everyone is well

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