Thursday, July 18, 2013


So, I had a plumber come out the other day to give me an estimate on replacing my bathtub.  He said he would email it to me; I have not, two days later, heard anything from him.  This is so typical of contractors and why so many people end up either not getting things done, or doing it themselves.  I will call him today, and see what he says.

While he was at my house, as we were walking out (he was done checking things out) a loud BOOM was heard, and the house shook a little.  Nothing out of place anywhere.  Looked under the house and did notice that one of the jack columns had fallen (a long time ago) - so not supporting the joist.   The other column was rusted at the base and that too was about to fall.  I ran out to Home Depot and got some new jack columns and patio block and called my dad, to ask for some assistance.  I know I could have done this myself, but something about someone a bit older and wiser being there would be good.   The next day after I took care of the sheep and walked the dogs, my dad was waiting for me, and we headed to my place.  We replaced both the columns, making sure everything was level and the job was done.  I was no longer afraid to walk in my living room! 

Yesterday, before we did the work, I checked the lambs and wormed them, and then dumped/re-filled the water, new minerals and checked one lamb who had a slight limp- probably jumping some where, as feet looked good.  So far, sheep seem to be doing well, despite these horrible temperatures and high humidity.  The heat index today, is supposed to hit 108.  That's pretty horrible.  Despite all this, I did walk Dan and Joe on two laps yesterday.  They were quite happy..  Not sure about today though!  Dan *may* have a little tenderness on the toe that he ripped the toe nail on.. I am going to have to watch carefully. 

Today is a repeat of all the others, try and beat the heat and count the hours until it cools down!

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