Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Yesterday it was hot again... the humidity is well, it feels like we live in Florida.  Many years ago I was down in Florida on a trip that my employer paid for, and I was in a rented house. I  remember how humid it was when I went outside and I vowed to never live in a place where that was considered normal!  It was just bad...  Well, this is reminiscent of that time..

When I got to the farm, I decided I would work the dogs each just for five minutes.  Brought mom and lamb in to feed, and I checked one of the Border Leicester crosses.  She has been laying down a lot, and looks very fat, so I wanted to check her feet and her bag.  No bag development and her one foot the front part of it had been sort of chipped some how, so I trimmed her feet, even though they did not really need it.  Maybe she's just hating the heat.. I will keep a watch on her though. 

I selected some sheep to work and started with Dan, did a bit of shedding and that was enough.  Then I worked Joe, just getting his whistles set- almost there, would say he's 90% sure on what each direction flank whistle is, and then need a walk up and then we are set (already has his down whistle).  He worked nice and I think he's starting to understand what I want when I say "lie" which means slow down, on the drive.

Flies are really bad on the sheep.  I have one ewe in particular which is really bothered.  Itchy, and rubbing herself.  I found a place to get natural (that works) fly repellent and will be ordering it.  Poor sheep.  The flies just stink.   The sheep with the thicker wool are in better shape this way, they have more protection.

Got the run order for the sheepdog trial I entered next month.  I run on Friday afternoon and late Sunday afternoon.  This will probably mean I will not need a hotel.  Although, it also means a TON of driving.  I am just not sure what to do.  

Well, that's it for now.  Today is more of the same weather-wise.  So, I will hibernate with the dogs/cat in the house after work/farm!

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