Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bloody foot

Thursday while chatting to a neighbor I was stung three times in face by Yellow Jacket, and that was very painful.

I woke up yesterday and the whole right side of my house was swollen- enough to make it sag.  That is bad.. I did have a trial to go to so I decided to be tough and ignore it.. even though it looked like I had Bell's Palsy.  So, fifteen minutes from house, deer ran in front of my car, and I braked hard, dogs went forward in their crates and I stopped to fix their crates and find Dan's foot bleeding- that toe nail again.  CRIPES.  So, I head on to farm to check sheep and see if he is lame, before I go on.  He seemed fine.  I did see my one black ewe by the water, and she is usually with her lamb, so I got a bit concerned and brought her in to worm her.  Used Valbazen, but will not again, as breeding time will be coming up in a couple months.  Have to move it out of my reach so I remember!

Then, after 3.15 hours of driving, I get to the trial.  It's pretty hot.. Supposed to be very hot later in the day.  Very challenging field and sheep.  Total test for the dogs.  Sheep un-dogged, field hilly, and hot.  Well, it was truly a test.  Unfortunately, before my run the run before us had a bad start, so I never got to have Dan see the sheep come out.  He is always willing to run out so I sent him away, and he was tight- he did not see the sheep, stopped, re-directed- which he did very nicely, and good lift.  Then on fetch not sure if he stopped to see set out dog, or what he did, but a couple seconds not sure what he was doing ( I had not walked him much at all before our run due to heat).  Anyway, got them on line and I see Dan's limping.  We got them through the driveway panels but not cross drive and at pen they were just nuts- and one ewe was flaring her nostrils- big as dinner plates, and one Cheviot ewe was just nuts.. after a few turns around the pen and one time where Dan hit the water, I decided to retire.. Turns out I would have placed if I had not done that.  Anyway, after I walk off, I see Dan's toe nail is at a 90 degree angle to his foot.  I was mad at myself.  After all that... I decided, after watching rest of run, to just head home.  Was not staying to run next day and find that he was lame.  I decided not to run Joe as the sheep and field was just too much for a newbie.

So, home, slice of pizza and bed.  Today I will go to farm, work Joe, and move the sheep into the e-net. They need fresh grass, and lots of that.

So glad it is finally cooling off... THANK GOD!

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