Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dan's foot

Yesterday, when working Dan, I noticed he seemed to float a little.. weird, almost like slow motion... He seemed a bit off, so we did not take a walk.  When we got home sure enough he had some sort of issue with his front left leg... I took a look and he had torn his toe nail, I think..  Hard to see with hair there, and a short nail to start with.   Of course we are supposed to run at a trial on Friday.

Advice is to get some crazy glue and see if that gets the nail solid again.  I think he will have to regrow his who nail.

This morning he was way worse, totally head bobbing.  On way home I will get some of the crazy glue and try that.  I am not going to run him if he is lame though.  Not worth it.   Well, time will tell...

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