Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thirty One?

Well, July keeps moving on.  Been a warm summer.  I have been able to work the dogs a bit, but lots of cool downs in the water tub.  Dan's foot is better.  Joe is just about all the way there on his whistles.  He really likes them, I noticed the same with Dan.  Much clearer and no tones or mood in the whistles.  Joe's been a real joy to train.

Sheep are well.  Surviving the heat and bugs the best they can.  One ewe is worse than others wrt the bugs, but she has not lost weight.  I do apply fly spray ($86/a gallon of it!).   I also put Swat on them, but will not do that again on the face, as it bothers their eyes..

Little lamb is growing nicely, she's sure independent.  She is often found not with her mother, but another group of sheep.. Odd, but different strokes... I guess!

This morning the forecast is for a heat wave, up to 100 heat index all of next week.  Hearing this propelled me out to Barnes and Noble to get some new books to read while we hibernate.  I am so ready for fall..

Well, that's it for now!

Oh, ps: did you all think dead chickens when you read the title 31?  I did!

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