Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life is good

Things have been moving along, but more importantly... The weather this morning is just PERFECT!  NO humidity, cool, in the upper fifties... The dogs did not even want to come inside when I let them out.  This is the sort of weather that makes my heart sing.  I bet the sheep are just giddy.

Regarding the sheep, I sent out my one ewe who just cannot handle the flies, to a friend.   She was driven to distraction by them, and I felt it would be better if she went where there were less flies.  So, I am down one ewe, but with the lambs so far, I am up one for the year.  Certainly not growing my flock very fast, but I am being very serious in my culling to have only the best animals here.  I do not want a flock of mediocre animals, I want as healthy as possible, with best production potential.  Feeding a good animal costs as much as a less than good one...

You know who could benefit from realizing this.  How many mouths does she feed at a loss? 

After I got home from the farm last night, I got a call from my brother that sheep got out.  Crud.  Had to drive back up there.  Found that the sheep had slid under a gate- now, there really isn't that much room, and there is a TON to eat... Trouble makers!  As soon as I got out of my car and headed in their direction, they ran back under the gate.  I then got something to block it, and ripped my shirt in the process...  thanks to a screw that was left sticking out... not by me!

I am looking to adopt a young female kitten... one may be in sight!

Dogs are good.  Life is good.

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