Sunday, July 7, 2013

Strong Stock

I slept in today... I really needed to.  Slept all the way to almost 6:00.  Dogs let me do so, cat started in and I had to respond!  Today, I am not sure what I will do.  I am loathe to even try and walk the dogs at the farm, because even with bug spray (and I carry it with me) I am still getting attacked by gnats, flies, you name it; flies are very very bad.  Dan got real hot yesterday after our walk.  And, well, this humidity is bad for everyone.   So, this may be a book store day- been meaning to meander around...  Right now Joey is playing footsie with Kylie- can you say bored?  I think the heat breaks by Weds...  I should be cleaning this house...yuck.

Not much goes on in my life on hot days like this.

On a side note, yesterday, my mother and I were chatting, and she told me about my great great grandmother in Norway, who lived to be 103.  We have a picture of her scything hay just before she died.  As she aged, she had been concerned she were about to pass, so she called for the priest... several times. She outlived three priests- and it was not easy for them to go to visit her, as she lived up on a mountain.. What a tough old bird!  I come from strong stock!

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