Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nice man....

Busy day today.  I had to work, so got there at crack of dawn, and then off to the farm, as I had a guy coming to look at some sheep. When I got there, I checked preggers and her friends, and separated preggers and a friend out, and worked Joe on the rest.  He was a good boy.  Grass getting mighty high; needs to be mowed- brother said he would...  After I finished working Joe I pulled thistles out.  Did not have shovel, only a pitchfork which made it harder.  Got them all together and then they man showed up.

Had Dan gather the sheep for me, and the guy and I stood at the fence with sheep held to us by Dan.  He did very well.  Sheep all in a nice tight group.  After we checked them out, we then went to the other field and I had Dan gather them into the paddock.  The guy right away noticed my littlest lamb- how pretty he says.  Yeah, she's nice I do like her a lot, and she's staying..

So, we made a deal and I am supposed to hear back from him next week.  He wants to start his own flock. Nice man.

After he left I walked Dan and Joe and then checked hill sheep again.  Ram has loose droppings, which I think is from the grass, but to be sure I wormed him.  I also fly sprayed everyone, as they are really irritated by the biting flies.  Tons of them after a rain.  I feel bad for them.   Gave both fields of sheep some minerals, cleaned out the barn, and then headed to parents' for a visit.

Now home after a nice early dinner and just about ready for a nap!

Will read my new Murder She Wrote mystery and shut my eyes for a bit...

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