Thursday, June 6, 2013

Confidence in driving....

Been a busy week.  Work has been busy, and as we all know, summer brings on a lot more yard work, etc., to be done.  Got the lawn mowed and string trimmed, and it looks great.  Next is to trim the shrubs- they have never grown this much before, it's incredible. 

I got the barn cleaned out and limed and shut the door, so no more mess in there.  I like for the sheep to be comfy, but even just the few that go in there, make it a stinky mess, which brings in flies.  So, it's closed off now, until of course the huge amount of rain we are expecting tonight through Saturday. The ewe still has not delivered, so I have to keep everyone in two fields, so the males don't bother the new lamb.  I have a buyer for a couple ewes and the ram lamb, so they are going soon.  The ram lamb is a total stunner.  Wow. 

One of the ewes is being bothered by the flies, more than anyone else.  I put swat on her, where she is itchy and sprayed everyone with fly spray.  I also sprayed the trees they hang out near, so if they rub against them, they get some fly spray on them.. thought that was pretty smart. ;)

Been working Joe and he's been doing well.  We have made progress in confidence in driving and he's quick to respond to my commands.  I think we have our away whistle, and by next week will start on come by. 

Well, that's the update for now!

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