Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's a girl

When I got to the farm yesterday, I did my customary check out the sheep before I sent Dan.  I had been doing this of late, because of the pregnant ewe, and not wanting to send a dog out to get sheep and her maybe being otherwise indisposed... As I checked yesterday, sure enough she had a water bag.  I decided to bring the flock into the paddock, and then into the barn.  She was pushing standing up, and then quickly lay down.  She was very vocal during all of this.  In not too long a time I saw a foot.  So, I waited a bit, and then I could see she might be getting tired, and as she is a bit young to be lambing... and well, I am a worry wort.  So, I brought her into the jug and proceeded to help her.  As I pulled one leg, the lamb pulled it back- I love it when they do that...  Anyway, after her pushing and me pulling, we got it out and I put it in front of mom, cleared nose/mouth and rubbed a little and mom was cleaning it immediately.  Little one was also trying to grab on to anything to nurse.  She got up pretty quick, yes, a girl :)  I gave mom a bit of grain, fresh hay and water and left them to be.

This morning on the way there I hoped all was okay, one never knows... When I got there, they were happy together and I gave mom some grain and fresh hay/water.  Later, I opened the gate to the jug to see if mom wanted out.  All she did was meander in the room, so I took that as a sign she was not quite ready to introduce her lamb to the big wide world.  So, I put them back in the jug.

There was supposed to be a guy coming to buy the ram lambs, but he never showed.  I am not surprised, as this guy did not seem so, well, honest.. hard to put it, but I did not really believe he would show up.  So, the boys get to stay a bit longer.   Since I was there, I set up a couple rolls of e-net so I could put the hill sheep in it tomorrow.  Lots of great browse and grass, which ought to keep them a good long while, so the other field can replenish itself.

So, now I am home and for some reason I am just very very tired today.  Oh, wait, I did work Joe this morning. I must have picked the perfect sheep, as they just stood where ever I put them and I actually got to let Joe do several real outrun/lifts/fetches!  He was great.  So happy with him

Oh and when I got home I did get the lawn mowed, even if it was really too wet in the lower portion of the back yard from the 2.5" of rain we got!

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