Sunday, June 9, 2013

I think I like Sheep

I am having some pancakes and strawberry jam with my coffee, and I made too many.  Even though the dogs/cat already had theirs (before me) I guess they will get more!  Coffee is good.  Coffee is the elixir that makes the day actually start and my mornings very efficient...

I watched a lot of "Mountain Men" last night.  It showcases several different people in different parts of the country living off the land.  It is interesting, but I see the same thing happening to the guy Eustace in North Carolina, as me- struggling to pay tax bills and finding good, intelligent help... it's a common affliction it seems...  It can be hard to find good help, but it's out there...  Interesting show, new one on tonight, on A&E.

I am pretty tired today, not sure exactly why, but partially because I thought about my sheep last night.  I have decided not to sell the ewes that the man wanted, as I will just not have enough for breeding this fall.  They are good quality ewes, and I just can't let them go.  So, just the ram lamb and wether like I initially planned is for sale.  Not sure if he will take them but we will see.  Money is not everything... today anyway!

I may work Joe and Dan today, or I may be lazy.  It's one of those six of one, half a dozen of the other days, where you could very easily just chill,or  get off your butt and get things done... maybe after more coffee...

I want to get some cleaning done in my kitchen here at the house and sled out the big pile of Thistle at the farm.

I never got started on my new book last night...

Well, that's it for now.  Soon, I will take new pics of the lambs.  The black cross bred lamb who was limping the other day seems better now and oh BOY is she gorgeous.  WOW.  You know, I think I like sheep ;)

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