Saturday, June 15, 2013

Petticoat Junction, NOT

Anyone remember this schmaltzy show?  Well, last night, this is what came to mind after I read more fantasy drivel.  If I read one more time about the "mountain".... Folks, it is no mountain, it is a hill, just off a main road, with street signs, stores and myriad of people.  Saying it is mountain homestead is like saying I am a an *almost* Pulitzer prize blog writer...  almost.. yes, that's right ;)

And, when people who live nearby look askance at you after learning that you are alone there, it ain't because you must be lonely, my dear, it's because it's a mess, and smells and how can one person actually make that big of a mess?  No, it's not sympathy, it's discontent with having a feed lot next door.  Remember, there ARE people near there... lots of them.

Every farm has smells, and a bit of mess- you know, baling twine around, or piece of wood, or the like, but real, true farmers take a look around, and clean up as they are out there... they take pride in their place.

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