Sunday, June 23, 2013


Grass is growing, lambs are growing and other than that... hopefully my waist isn't! I have been busy.  Did a bit of string trimming until the string trimmer quit (at the farm).  I have been training Joe and Dan.  Getting hot lately.  One group of sheep are in the back of the barn, dutifully taking care of the browse that is back there, and the other group including new mom and June bug lamb (that's what I am calling her), are doing well.  Mom gets a bit of grain once a day and now comes running to me to get that grain. I usually put her in her jug to eat (with June Bug) and then I separate out some sheep for the dogs to work, and then leave the others with new mom while I work the dogs.  Works well.  I have a nice differing group of sheep, so some are good for driving and some good for gathering/shedding.

Went to my nephew's graduation yesterday, it was very well done.  Two nephews graduated yesterday, and we had a party afterward for them.  The cake was amazing :)

Today it was quite warm, so got to farm early and worked the dogs.  They were okay, but it was bloody humid, so not the greatest time to work them.  At one point when Joe was pushing sheep out for drive- SOMETHING caught his sniffer and he literally stopped everything to check it.  No idea what that was about.  Dan and I are shedding again.  He's just not a stellar shedder, he would MUCH rather keep sheep together and many times I try and hold that single a long ways and he will let her get back.. that is so frustrating.  I am going to start to teach Joe how to shed this fall, when it's cooler, he needs to understand and like it.

I am hibernating in the house today, thought I should mow the lawn.. .But it's 86 and very humid, YUCK.

Hope it cools down before next weekend...

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