Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mrs Wallace

I have figured it out.  I always said that the animals were her muse.  The recent post about the falconry where she talks about riding her horse having a Hawk sitting on her arm.  I think she actually believes she is a cast member of Braveheart.  I am not kidding.  Seriously.  All this not so that she can actually do anything constructive with the animal, but just so she can see the image of herself with a Hawk on her arm sitting on her Horse.  What is next?  I BET she will start having horse jousting competitions, and maybe how to build a knight's armor.  Haggis will be the next recipe.  Look out everyone, here comes Mrs Wallace ;)


Elaine P said...

In a word: shameful. Seriously. Now falconry toys are on the "need" list while the mortgage is late.

Anonymous said...

I saw this coming right when she first brought it up. Her latest post on the falconry just prices the state fee, $40, and then she adds she'll need a lot of equipment and must build facilities. Just wait -- we will be asked to fund this for her. And she took all this on knowing she was two months behind in her mortgage.

I funded Jenna in the past, twice, but stopped when she never even acknowledged it. Jenna Woginrich is the ONLY person I gave a gift to through PayPal who never acknowledged or thanked me, not either time. PayPal makes thanking people super easy, but she chose not to. I was surprised and grateful when other commenters brought this up back when she allowed comments. Apparently she has a problem thanking people. It's weird, how she operates.