Saturday, May 4, 2013

Half way report

After a rough day on Thurs- I watched a lot of runs and spent most of that time worrying about how Dan would do. Chatham was a very major wake up call for me...  I went home that night and slept relatively well..

Friday was our first run. Before I went to the trial I went to the farm, moved sheep back to big pasture, walked the dogs and stopped to get some water.  Got to the trial, watched a bit and then went to the post as nervous as I have ever been.  All I wanted was for Dan to get to his sheep and at least attempt to bring them.

I sent him, he was a bit tight, but I re-directed twice and he kicked out.  Came in a little flat.  I whistled him on and it was slow and I now KNOW I need glasses.  So, they moved a bit, but clearly very heavy, and I have never seen Dan have such a slow lift.  So, then they were going and I was an idiot and decided to get them back on line with a come by flank.  Well, it was a tight flank and they shot over toward the barn.  Dan ran over to cover- and he was tight- and they broke around him and high tailed it behind the barn.  I half heartedly said "get back" having given up on this run.  In less than a minute, but what felt like forever, back around the back of the barn came the sheep, and Dan shortly thereafter- calm, they were all calm.  I had retired when they went behind the barn, as I figured it was a dq anyway (which I have since learned it was not), and met him halfway up the field and we exhausted out sheep.  

So, I have to say, even though by trial standards this was very bad, I was very happy that Dan went and got those sheep.  Was told by workers up there that he calmly went around them and pulled them out of the corner.  So, one + for Dan :)  

We have a run today, and then finished for the trial :)

I think Dan lacks in confidence, and this can only be corrected by getting out there to big fields and working. I hope!

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