Monday, May 6, 2013

Finality final report

Sad to say, but this is indeed the final report of the Finality sheepdog trial, for the place is for sale, and Barbara Meyer, who so graciously allowed us the use of the field, passed away in January of this year.

Anyway, so, on my second run of the trial with Dan, I just wanted him to bring me the sheep.  I was NOT going to micro manage him at the top, and just let him bring me the sheep.  So, I set him off on the left, and although it could have been wider, he had a decent outrun/lift, and then I just let him bring him.  Gave him no commands the entire fetch, which lost us all but five points because I did not do the dog leg.  I wanted my Dan to just do his work.  This will gain him confidence.  It was a beautifully straight and calm fetch.  Nice turn at the post and good drive.  At the drive away I let the sheep veer toward the trees, as honestly, I was so happy and not focusing.  We did get both panels and timed out at pen.  Worst score we have ever had, but run felt the best ever.  I was SO proud of my boy.  We got our mojo back!

The weather was great the entire trial, it went very smoothly.  So, now off for a bit and have to get back to work at the farm.

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