Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Last week I got in three rolls of electro net and moved the sheep onto the middle field that sits behind the barn.  I started with one roll, then a second, then the third.  On Sunday morning I got a call very early that the sheep had gotten out.  Great.  So I headed out without even a shower.  Got them all in- I think it was my fault- the sheep pulled deep grass through the fence and it pulled the posts up- I did not stick them in ground deep enough.  Anyway, fixed that, and then sprayed the white snake root, to kill it before it takes over.  That hill field was so over run with it last year, but this year, the young plants coming in is way less.  I think I may finally be winning the battle on this- I certainly hope.  If this weed was not poisonous, and the sheep ate it I would let it be, but that is not the case, and it absolutely takes over in the field.

I moved the entire three rolls of electro net yesterday.  Sheep had to be moved into it, and there were myriad ways they could chose to go.  Dan was absolutely great working with me to convince them that it was a good idea to go there.  Lots of wonderful grass.   My lean ewe, the one I bred, has wool break- something happened to her at some point health wise- she never had diarrhea, but obviously she encountered a health challenge.  She has been wormed, and when I wean the lambs, she and the lambs will be wormed- the adults I will check FAMACHA scores and see what we have.  I am loathe to worm animals that do not need it.

I worked Joe the other day, and am at a point where I need to get him in a smaller area working with the sheep, he's confident for sure, but I want to get him to move between the fence and them calmly.  Dan got it very quick. 

I am trying to catch up on house/yard stuff.  Cleaned the living room, washed windows/curtains, and that sort of thing.  Yesterday I string trimmed the back yard- egads did it need it!  Too tired to do front, will finish front/side today.  I feel like I am so busy it's crazy.  But, it's a good busy. 

So, that's my update!

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