Sunday, May 19, 2013

Old UK style

Guess what?! I moved the sheep again yesterday!  They are loving this.  I moved them to behind and to the side of the barn.  There is a LOT of browse in there, which they go for first.  I tried to get netting to block off on the barn side, but the ground is way too rocky.  So I shut the barn doors and blocked them that way.  I covered up some areas at one place where I know there is some construction debris concerns.  They should be good for at least three days there.

Raining her right now; supposed to do so off and on all week. This is great.  We are considered "abnormally dry" via the US drought monitor, so I am happy to get any and all rain.  Everything at the house is so green and beautiful right now.  I love it after I have mowed/trimmed and then just to sit back and enjoy the view.

Worked Joe yesterday.  He's getting big for his breeches, and I need to do some close work with him, as he just wants to keep walking in and in.  He's not slashy dashy, he's just uber confident.  But, when he walks in too close they bust and then he covers. He's creating his own work...

I wormed the sheep the other day, surprised I had enough wormer.  The thin yearling who looks terrible due to wool break, has finally turned a corner and is eating to beat the band and is gaining weight.  This makes me very very happy.  The lambs look good.  Will be getting three cross breed lambs later this summer and then I think we are good.  Have to move the in tact ram lamb on sometimes in June.  He's ginormous.  The littlest lamb who's dad is the ram lamb is just awesome- built like an old UK style Border Cheviot.  I am SUPER happy with her!

Have more work to get done at the farm, but moving the net is not easy.  Every spike takes a LOT of work to get in.  Today I was going to go to a breakfast at my sister's church, but my stomach is doing flip flops, so just toast and coffee I think.  Really poor again this week.  Going to be so tight...   If it weren't for trialing... Ah well, such is life- what is life without a little pleasure?

Well, that's it for now :)

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