Sunday, May 26, 2013

My idea of a very GOOD 24 hours

The above pics are of my Border Leicester cross ewe, and her lamb (father is Border Cheviot), she is beautiful, and he fleece is the softest fleece I have ever felt... The second pic if of the ram lamb I have; he is huge and for sale, and the third pic is a Border Collie hiding behind some reeds...

I have had a very nice 24 hours.  First, I went to the sheepdog trial.  Dan had a good go,but no chute no and therefore no pen... low score, but he did well on his outwork and only 3 points off all of it.  Cold and rainy there, but still, I enjoyed myself.

Then today, a day off from trialing.  Brought my nephew to the farm to do some string trimming; taught him some tricks and watched him go to it.  Then, I worked Joe and then I walked the dogs.  Now, I am home, and just finished a pot pie.  Now, I am going to lie down.  My head hurts, but that does not take anything from this being a great 24 hours.

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