Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Away to Me

Last night I watched the movie "Away to Me" which chronicles the lives of Faansie Basson, Amanda Milliken and Haley Huniwell (nee Howard), and followed them in their competition at the illustrious Soldier Hollow trial, held in UTAH on a previous Olympic skiing site...  This trial is by invitation only.  This movie was GREAT!  I encourage you all to either borrow, or get a copy of it.  So great, and really speaks to why we do this, and why these dogs amaze us on a daily basis...  It was so great, sort of injects a bit of energy into my less than energetic trialing bones! 

We had an interesting run at Cummington.  Sheep were not of the settled variety, who knows why, maybe Dan riled them, but it was falling apart at the cross drive, and then they ran behind the pen and chute and then two split for exhaust and I quit.  One stayed RIGHT at my side and literally walked at heel next to me as I went to get Dan who was bringing sheep off the field.   She just looked shell shocked.. who knows.. it's how it goes. 

I got home from the trial and mowed the lawn, and found my mail box is broken from a bush growing into it and then, under my sink I see my PVC piping came apart and my cabinet floor is all wet.  Have to get both addressed- the drain today for sure!  I also have to string trim and run some errands for my sis.  Busy time of year.  The yearling has not delivered yet, and I think I will put the ram and a few others up in hill field for now, so I can keep the new lamb safe from the ram.

So, here it is almost June and things are going a mile a minute, just how I like it!

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