Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ready and raring

After the trial wrapped up, I went to take a lesson with Haley Huniwell, the judge of the trial.  First thing I did was show her what Joe could do- flanks, etc.  Then she asked me to just take the leash off.  Well, that is when you see what you have!  A dog who busted through the sheep!  Haley had me work on proper cover (Joe will some times over flank on the right).  This was a great field for training and very good sheep too.  It was a great lesson and I got a lot of good advice, and I made a mental note of everything.  As I was leaving another girl who had a lesson canceled her next morning lesson, so I took that slot (how great luck is that?!) and I went back the next day.  We built on what we did previously.  Joe was so keen after each session (we took breaks every so often) it was great to see him be ready and raring to go, even after all that.

Yesterday, the electro net came in and I got one roll up.  Now it is time for my brother to get the charger going and then I can put the sheep down in middle field to graze.  This is a very good thing, because grass is at a premium, as it has been so dry.

All in all I had a great last few days and now I need some down time just to chill out.  I have to clean the house and get things organized.  Also need to get a new a/c unit as mine has issues. 

Well, that's it for now.

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