Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hmmm, wasn't expecting that....

Yesterday, brought all the sheep down from the hill field into the barn.  I should say Dan did this...  Got the sheep in the barn and into the smaller room.  Dan had them in and when I turned around, Dan had left to go back out in paddock and in a few secs, comes back with a straggler.  Good boy Dan.  Started doing shots- one lamb, the second to youngest was nutso, but most were good.  The ram lamb is like an adult sheep now, he's bigger than this mother and not even three months old.  Good gracious!  Anyway, the black one was the best.  When I let her up her mother immediately called to her and back with her mom she went- plastered to her side as always.

As I was doing this work, bent over a lamb... I looked up and saw that my thin yearling, with the wool break, who is gaining weight nicely... has a bag... oh boy.  Never saw this coming.  Not that I should not have but....  Great.  No wonder she was thin.  I gave her a CD/T shot, as her last was in Feb, and now I have to decide what to do with her... The ram is not nice to babies, so I will have to divide things up, or pen the ram.. I just don't know.  She's still thin, but this great grass we have had has been good for everyone- and she has gained weight even if still a bit thin.  her bag is not tiny, like that last ewe that went for a long time, so as of today, everyone getting moved down to the lower field and I have to set a jug back up too.  I hope she's a good mom.  She's rather young.  I guess this ram will have to be separated from here on out, because he sure is dedicated to his work.

Worked Dan a bit, he was very nice, and also worked Joe a bit.  We need to do stall work soon.  He needs more comfort on sheep in tight places, but now with lamb on way, my room for that will be taken.

Still really poor.  Ate no dinner last night, literally nothing in the larder.  Was very weak this morning, but tomorrow is pay day.  Thank goodness.  Have to get the lawn mowed today and maybe vacuum as I will be busy Friday and holiday weekend.

Well, that's it for now...

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