Monday, April 8, 2013

Shearing, etc

The shearer arrived at 1:00.  I had all the sheep in the barn; lambs in small room for safe keeping, momma and lamb in their jug and then, after discussing, we put the to be sheared sheep in the room where the mom's jug was as it was smaller.   It went well, pretty much... One ewe did keep biting him... when he said that I laughed very hard, although maybe it hurt... anyway, smart sheep.   Only one nick on the sheep, most at the very same place, weird...  but small.  He does not do the greatest job- some have some stubble and beardish looking wool on neck, but the two Romney/BL crosses, he did better job.  He says their wool was about twelve pounds.  Amazing. I am going to offer it for sale on CL, it was clean and nice... if I spun... which I don't...   All sheep look good, the Romney/BL crosses are fat, so are moms with lambs.  The yearlings and ram all look good, except for my home bred girl, she's too thin.  I don't know why she is thin,  but she may now be sold.  I am going to get her in the barn to collect a sample and bring it in.  If she's a ne'er do well, she will have to go, I am afraid.  I don't believe it is a wise practice to keep sheep/animals that do not do well, unless it's something self limiting, like delivering and lactating for triplets or the like.  We will see.  I am going to body score her today and get that sample.  It was great to get this job done, and see how the sheep are.

I did not get any other work done yesterday, but I sort of figured that would be the way it went.  Today is back to normal; cleaning more manure away from barn and I also want to get my house clean. 

There is a fun trial this weekend, which I think I will go to.  It will help be decide if Joe is ready to trial, but I don't think I will anyway.  I have thought about it, and don't want to push him at such a young age.

Spring is really coming on now.  Beautifully warm morning and a sense of renewed life everywhere.  I am grateful for that.

Well, that's it for now!

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