Thursday, April 18, 2013

More of the usual

I can see the finish line!  So happy.... Once this job is done, then on to the next... Today is a big day... I am going to move the maternity crew over to the hill field for a bit of grazing.  I will feed them first, and then bring them over.  There is a lot of garlic mustard coming in, and I would love for them to get a bit of that... 

I am going to leave the dog working sheep where they are for now, as I don't want that ram lamb walking a lot while he's sore, and I also don't want them mixing with the other sheep as separating them is a total nightmare to deal with.   In a few days everyone will get rotated up there to the hill field daily.  With the weekend coming I can spend time on this.  Then, eventually, everyone will be together.  The smallest lamb is growing nicely, so she should be able to keep up.

My allergies are kicking my butt.  I had to take some Fexofenadine today, as my eyes are watering and I am sneezing.  Tree pollen is bad now, and that's one of my worst offenders. 

My Forsythia shrubs are in full bloom now, so pretty.  You know, my house may be very small, but it's very cute...  It's perfect for me.  Over the years I have planted different flora here and there, and slowly it has become "me".  There is work to be done, but by and large, it's not bad.  I love coming home to my house, and it took me years to say that.

I am going to go look at another pasture for my sheep.  This place I had considered earlier, but discounted because there was a home for rent too, and it would be too far from work to consider.  But, I got a phone call earlier this week; the land owner wants me to come and see if just the pasture would work for me.  I will make the trip because I said I would but unless this is PERFECT land, I doubt I will do it.

My Kitty has lost some weight- which is a good thing.  No more eating Ginger's food, I guess.  I picked up Ginger's ashes the other day, but still have not had the strength to open the bag and deal with it.  I will, some time...

Today, more of the usual...

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