Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Free shipping

I confess I have not started the second item on my list... The day I was going to do it, both my shoulders were bothering me.  My shoulders are not the most primo parts of my body, in that they are a bit creaky and get offended easily.   Yeah, any excuse...

I have been trying to separate off mothers/lambs for feeding from the main group, but can't do so, because once I DO get them separate the lambs are too jittery to eat.  So, I am just going to feed everyone for now, and when I wean the lambs, they will get some grain.  

Now, when I go to the farm, the first thing I do is walk the dogs around the hill field, as usual.  Usual, but now there are sheep in there.  This causes undying adoration from Joe.  So, yesterday, we started our walk and Joe ran ahead, and came up behind me- he ran around the entire field... then, on our second walk he did it again.  That's two miles he ran/walked.  He wasn't even winded. 

I worked Joe and Dan yesterday.   Working on Joe's whistles/flanks.  Dan had an interesting job to do.  I had to put the sheep back to hill field when done,  and I had to have the gate open to that field when I sent Dan to get them from other field.  First, I had Dan push the rest of flock up the hill.  Then I stood midway between the fields and sent Dan.   He had to go through two gates and STAY on the come by side that I sent him- he did that well.  Then, the sheep, of course, ran to where their pen was, which bunged them up.  From my point mid way between fields I had to get Dan to do a come by along the fence in shape of L, and get them out of corner and then cover so they would go into paddock.  At first he did some bumping, but finally got quiet and figured out what I wanted.  It was very good for him to be challenged this way.  Good boy Dan!

When I got home last night I brushed Dan with regular brush first and then we went outside and I used the furminator on him.  He looks a lot better.  I got a ton of under coat off his back legs.

Joe's new larger crate for the house should be here by tomorrow- I hope.  Then, Dan will have his present crate to ride in in the car, which is bigger than the one he has now.   Looking forward to Joe AND Dan having more room when crated.  It was free shipping for the crate, which is great!

Well, that's the update for now!

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