Sunday, April 14, 2013

Not ready for prime time

The weekend is going pretty well.  Need to clean a bit... Maybe later, but right now, focus is on outside.  Oh, and by the way, the allergies have kicked in.  Ain't that great!?! NOT. Will stop by the pharmacy this week... have to (a-CHOO!)

Picked up some hay yesterday.  Only got 6 bales in the Jeep- I had put a tarp down and taken the dog crates out and left dogs at the farm.  It was actually GREAT! to not have to borrow someone else's vehicle.  Next year I know how much hay I will need, so will get it all delivered.  I think maybe ten more days and all will be on the pasture.  Depends, but I think that will be it.

I am pulling Joe from the trial I entered him in. He's just not ready for prime time.  He's going through this stage where he's all about keen-ness and not listening as well as he should and I actually like that, and do not want to come down on him as hard as I would have to, to trial him, so we will keep chugging and allow him to grow up.

I got more of the manure pile moved yesterday, and will do more today.  Worked the dogs too.  Dan was superb.  MAN do I love working him.  The more you work him the more on he is.  He was born to do this stuff :)

The sheep are good.  I put that skinny yearling in with lambs/mothers and she's looking better- probably from the grain and the worming.  She's occasionally trying to steal a feed from the mothers... boy, she is a bit old for that!

Today plan is manure moving, working dogs and then clean the house....

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Kathy said...

Sounds like a grand day!! You feel about Dan like I do about Sting. It's a great feeling working that kind of dog, isn't it.