Friday, April 12, 2013

Brush up

Yesterday I got more work done!  Tackled that giant manure pile and then started in the paddock where the ewes and lambs are, getting the old hay into piles, ah, more piles to get rid of.   I also did more house cleaning when I got home...

This morning I am sore- lower back just not feeling great.   Today it is supposed to rain heavily, so I will give me a bit of a break today.

I have to get hay over the weekend; just what I can stuff in my Jeep.  No trucks available and I don't need that much.  To pay $50 for delivery of 10+ bales is ridiculous.  So, I will put a tarp down in my vehicle and load up as much as I can.

Joe was better working yesterday, but I did not work him much.  My sheep are pretty light after having been sheared, so it's tough....  Dan did well.  Just a brush up for him.

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