Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pledge Drive

I was beat yesterday, from the previous night of not much sleep due to the storms that came through.  I woke up, cat woke up, dogs woke up...  So, needless to say no manure moving done... it is really not that fun a job, if you haven't guessed... I will try and get some done today, but it's raining... yeah, any excuse will do!

Worked the dogs yesterday.  Dan not loving doing off pressure flanks, have to tune that up, and Joe, oh my word, Joe was not my usual Joe yesterday.  Just did not listen well... Did not want to stop, take off pressure flanks, and as when I had taken him near Dan who was tied, to take a break, I turn my head for a second and then look back and he's gone- gone to go get the sheep.  I chalk it up to reminding me he is still really a pup... and that running in a trial in a few weeks may be a big mistake!  We shall see!

Rain is fore casted for today and tomorrow... I hope the weekend is good.  I need to go get 20 more bales of hay.  With the rain and warm temperatures, grass has gotten a kick start.  I figure by end of April the sheep will be out with the flock, save for the little girl and her momma... I have to figure that one out, as I don't want ram hurting that wee lass.

Today I have a busy day at work, and am thinking I would like decent food to eat, but probably not, as not paid until tomorrow.  Maybe I can do a pledge drive for food?  JUST KIDDING!

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Gail said...

Glad to see you decided to stick around with your blog. I had been away for a few days & last I saw you were thinking of quitting. You and I have quite a bit in common - I am also from NY (bit farther north than you), I have sheep (a few more than you), and we both use dogs (I also have a Joe! - though I haven't trialed in several years), we both usually work alone. I sheared this past weekend too, but I won't start lambing until May. And I guess it goes without saying that neither of us has much money!
Glad to see you are still blogging.