Saturday, April 6, 2013

Manure, fence, and tails

Last night I slept like a rock, and fell asleep hard.. I know this because I never turned the heat on and I never shut the gate to the litter box area... Thankfully dogs are not loose in bed room at night, and my house did not get below 50.  I was actually pretty comfy.

I just finished some eggs/toast, and am having coffee, and then I have to get started.  Have to hit the market, then feed store, and THEN get to that manure pile, and maybe start on the old hay in the paddock.   Once those two tasks are done, then I can start to work IN the barn and loosen the old steer/chicken manure with water and get working on that.   I also have to get more T posts and put them in- finish the fencing in the big field- as the fence is sagging. I have decided to just do all of this myself.  Hiring people has it's own issues, and having my nephews help me while somewhat helpful, I just can't get things done as fast as I like (I am a task master!).  So, I am just going to do it all myself.  Pace myself and get it done!  I know how to do it, and why should I beg, plead who knows WHAT else to get a man to help?  Naaa...  much more rewarding when you get it done yourself anyway.

I am going to try and work the dogs today, but will depend on how much I get done with my work.  I like to be in a good mood to work the dogs, and not tired.  We will see. 

Tomorrow I help my friend John separate lambs/ewes into two groups of older/younger and we do tails (he uses and emasculatone (this crushes the blood vessel and cuts the tail off).  This is not my way of doing tails, but needs to be done (he only does ewe lambs as rams are going to be sold for meat).  Yesterday he had a very nice single ewe lamb and twin ewe lambs.   Every day on way home I stop and check out the new lambs.   

Well, all this work isn't going to get done on it's own... better start moving!

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