Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Working dogs

The other day I went to a friend's place and worked dogs.  It was very cool.  I was able to catch up with Joe's breeder and see his litter mates work and I also got to work a couple of them.  They have not been officially started for various reasons.   One male is similar to Joe in a lot of ways, and the other has a bit more eye.  I was happy that they worked for me.  The one with eye is also very one sided, but by the end of our short session I had him going on the hated side pretty nice.  I really love starting dogs... I really do.  I would love to start these guys for her, but I can't keep them at my place.  I do have good sheep for it though!

I worked Dan on shedding and now he's totally about it.  His cover is better now, and that was evidenced when we got home and I sent him for the sheep, they took off to the right and when I whistled a stop, he did not!  He never does that!!!  He was not letting them get away though.... Before the trial, suffice to say we will have to work on the basics again.

Joe, what can I say.  He was a good boy.  I worked on a few things, and then my friend said that they would hold sheep for him.  I was a bit worried, but figured he's ready.  Well, when I first sent him to the right, he stopped half way up on the outrun and went toward the sheep... hmmm, he figured they would come running to me like they always do, I guess.  Anyway, then we did a few more and he was getting it.  At first a bit worried about going by the person holding the sheep, but then okay.  Then we took a break.

Then, I went back out there.  This time I stood near Joe (I am usually between he and sheep) and I got a perfect outrun both sides.  Stopped at the top and walked him in.   Can you believe it?  I said, well, that's it, going to end it on a good note- it made my day...

Then, we headed home, I gave some hay to the sheep and then I went and voted, and home again. 

Today the bad weather rolls in.

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