Friday, November 30, 2012

Joe versus Dan

Not in respect to working, but they do differ in that too... But, what I am talking about here, is in living with them.

Now, I have to say up front, Dan was shown the ball in the back yard and I think that did a heap of damage to him... in some ways.  He sees the back yard as a place to race around and be crazy.  It's not really a fun thing, and now, I usually let him outside by himself, or with Lucy because he spends his entire time being a nut.  He will eventually calm down, but you can see, he believes it's action out there.  Joe goes out with me in the backyard, or the other dogs and will play with other dogs, but does not race around willy nilly, for the most part.  He will carry a toy and play with it, but he's not totally nuts. 

In the house, Dan will chill, as Joe does.  Dan usually hangs out in the living room- always has, but Joe is with me all the time.  In the evening when watching TV Joe lays near me, and takes my cue..  sometimes I can even get up and he will stay there.  Dan's always up the minute I am and gets to wherever I am going before I even start there...

In the morning, Joe will bring a Nylabone and we play a bit of soccer when I get ready in the bathroom.  Dan I think used to do that too a bit.  Joe is calm, but playful.  Dan is well, hyper, I would call it and playful.

On our walks, it's most evident.  Dan has to race ahead and compete with Joe.  Joe usually lets him lead.  Dan has to run ahead and back every where.  On the way to the sheep, Dan has to try to block me, maybe not block me but basically gets to the pasture backward.  Joe will run ahead and sit at the gate.   Dan's just well, nuts some times.  I do love him, and when he is most calm, is when he is on sheep...  so that's good.

I definitely like Joe's temperament? is it?  better....

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