Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Indulge me...

In a wee bit of reverie about my cat....  My tabby boy kitty is very special to me.  He's not your average aloof, self centered kitty, he's pretty much just the opposite...  At night, when I get in bed to read, he comes up and lays in the crook of my arm and rests his head on my hand.  If I say something to him, he purrs.  He just simply loves to be near me...  If I jostle around a bit, he does not get his nose out of joint, he gets up, waits, and goes back to his station. 

In the mornings lately, he has awoken about 4 something, and eventually comes onto the bed and lays at my head, purring, and very happy.  Not pushing me to get up, just enjoying being near me.

When I do get up, and let the dogs out, he goes with them, and goes to the shed, where mice live, and "hunts"... Once all the dogs are in and I have showered, he appears at the back door standing on his hind legs, and asks to be let in.  Then he greets the dogs- usually with a lick to the forehead (but not to Joe or Dan- they are too busy for that).  Then he waits for his food, and he gets it, and then, right before I leave, he gets three small treats (and Lucy gets a couple), as sort of a good bye ritual.

This cat makes me very happy, he's affectionate and patient (I can pick him up like a baby and nuzzle his belly- and he just loves it.  And, he acts very much like a dog, begging and all.  Certain cats just rock and he's one of them...

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