Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chocolate Chip cookies

I was not in the best of moods yesterday... I did eat a nice healthy lunch at work (salad), and then after work, headed up to the farm.  It was very cold.  We had a nice walk (albeit sort of fast) and then I gave a bale of hay to the sheep, which I am not real happy with.  It's an alfalfa/grass second cut, but it has loads of stems, and sheep don't eat those stems... I will mention this to Lloyd my hay guy.  But, on the bright side, they are getting a lot of nutrition in the hay they do eat...  I then loaded up to leave and do a few errands on way home, one of which was stop and get chocolate chip cookies- pre-made version, to bake, because I needed it... 

On the way home I turned on my heated leather seats (YES! love them) and got home, and the snow started.  Very windy too.  Glad we did not lose power.   I was still cold though- I keep the house at 60 degrees, so I ended up taking a warm shower after I fed everyone and then cozied up under a blanket to read my book.    When it was time to let Joe out, he LOVED the snow, he did the zoomies in it- which I have never seen him do!  Very cute- one happy puppy! 

After dinner I baked those cookies.  MMMMM, with a glass of milk.  Just perfect for a day like yesterday.   Then, when it was time for bed, I settled in with my book and my warm blankets, with kitty laying next to me, and Lucy too, and slept like a rock all night.  I guess I found the perfect combination for good sleep.

Today have an oil change for my car, and then various stuff.  The snow may be melted by the afternoon, we will see. 

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Anonymous said...

Aren't dogs hilarious when they play in the snow?!? I had one little guy who refused to come back in the house until he was totally out of breath from running & playing in it. He always reminded me of when I was a kid making snow angels and having snowball battles. :-)