Saturday, November 3, 2012

Almost ready

To hit the road.  Did a load of laundry, made/ate breakfast, and am having coffee now.   In a little bit I will be heading north to the farm to work Joe a bit and then my friend John will be meeting me at the farm and we will go up and get the ram he's borrowing from a friend of mine.  John's got a new used truck, uses diesel, and judging by the lines to get gas yesterday, I bet he's glad he went that way.

After that, it will be a quiet weekend.  I have to get a start on the leaves.

I am happy with my decision not to get the camper.  It would have been an albatross in my driveway, I am afraid as I just would not use it enough to be able to justify over a decade of payments...  I am looking at all the new tenting abilities out of your suv, and also maybe even a pop up.  I need something small, but I am in no rush, because I just need to decompress after all that....

So, hope everyone has a good day today, and will check back later :)

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