Sunday, November 4, 2012

Work of all sorts and cold!

Work first, then...

Yesterday sort of blew by... or should I say, I almost blew away?  I had just finished walking the dogs when John pulled in with his new to him truck and I thought about asking if I could bring Joe, but I saw he had his Lakeland terrier with us...  so, ixnay on that.

We got up there and it was WINDY and cold.  I just shivered, literally while we talked a little.  We got the ram loaded (he's NOT a small guy) and headed home.  John is a very slow driver, so by the time we go to the farm to drop me off, I REALLY had to go.... So bad in fact, that I left my cell phone in his truck.

So, I worked Dan on shedding and Joe on various things, with the whole flock, which was good- he loved it..

When done with that, I stopped by John to unload the ram, and he was immediately ensconced in his new girls.  Then I headed home and relaxed.  I was too cold though, so I needed a hot shower, I made some scrambled eggs/toast and then got in bed.  Long cold day, and it's only early November.

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