Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wow, Sorry. It's been a long time.... But all is well. Sheep are good. Two so far have started bagging up- I can see from the aft view. Their rations are almost at the goal of 11 lbs. Next year I will separate the preggers from the opens so I can not have to feed so much to those who don't need it. They seem in good shape- run to the food and in general feel good, though the obviously pregnant ones are a bit slower. Have to go get some hog panels to make a barn yard area- that will be this weekend.

I have been keeping Lucy away from the other bitches in the house and it's working well. It's not fun, but it's my only solution.

Joe is doing well. He will be 13 weeks tomorrow. He's a bit thin right now, so upping his food. I am starting to enjoy him more, as he transforms from a neonate to a young dog.

This week we are getting some bad weather Weds into Thurs, but it is going to warm up again right away. That's a good thing.

We're up to I think 8 lambs at Johns? On the way over there yesterday as I drove by the big hill along the road, I saw a ewe with a brand new lamb. I had to get them in the barn, but the mare was out there, and she is a total wench, and aggressive. So, I was going to put her in her stall, but John had some chickens in the stall. I spooked them back into the other stall where they belong, but the rooster escaped. I then spent my time getting him back in the barn, but never did get him in his stall. I figured to heck with it, let his chips fall where they may with the mare. Then, I realized that I could not bring the mare past the stallion who stood in a field right near her stall. Oh crap.

So, THANK GOODNESS John showed up. His friend caught the rooster (got a ladder to reach him). We then let the stallion in first, and then the mare, and THEN I got to got get the lamb. By then there were two Turkey Vultures circling. I walked partially backwards ALL the way to the barn from that huge hill. Got them in the barn fine. Then I hayed everyone, watered mommas and gave them some water. Another lamb had been born earlier that morning too.

Let's see what today holds...

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