Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's see... John had a lamb born the other day. When I got there he told me it was probably dead. He could not get the mother in the barn yard. He tried several times to herd the flock into the barn yard but they would not go. When I got there, I see that the lamb is not only alive, but walking with mother. Mother who still wanted to be with the flock. He picked up the lamb and and the mother was really torn. Finally, she chose the flock. Bad momma! The flock had left for the hill pasture and I got Lucy. She's my go to dog. I sent her for them, and she made a beautiful outrun, got to the sweet spot, and they all turned to face her. She gave me a little look and I told her good girl. Then she turned them. See, these sheep have really injured dogs. They do not trust dogs and fight if any are close- and they tag team. Lucy has been on the receiving end of this. Anyway, she got them coming toward me and before I knew it, they were trying to make a quick turn back up into an alcove in the pasture. Lucy knew it though, and she caught them and brought them. I then put Lucy up and we played the two step with mom ewe to get her to go with baby into the barn. Finally, we got her in there, and I left.

The next day I arrive and John tells me that the lamb died. He was very tiny, and maybe the heat lamp warming was too little too late...As I am feeding the sheep I see a dead lamb under the mineral feeder. I ask John if it was the first lamb. It was not. This one was HUGE and had it's intestines, bladder and liver all emanating from it's ventral mid line. Great. What a bummer. Nice lamb. I wonder if he was born that way....

So, every day now I will stop by John's and help out. The ram lamb did not go in until later in October, so we will have a long lambing time (these early lambs are from his older ram).

I got most of my lambing supplies and feel like I am sort of ready. My friend offered to take on any bottle lambs I may have. YES!

Everything else is quiet. I have been walking 2 laps lately, and it is great for the dogs and me. Joey, or Joe, yes, that's his name, loves the walks and I do carry him for part of each lap, as he is still so young. Last night was a red letter night-he stayed in his crate from 11:00 to 5:00. YES! This is my goal, and then to move up the early time a bit by bit.

Really cold today, so holding off on going to the farm just yet. Maybe leave here in an hour...

Well, that's it for now!

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