Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time flies sometimes........ Odd sentence... Well, not much has happened. Just trying to get a good schedule and counting the days until pup is house broken ;) He's doing well. He has so much energy..... Me? not so much.

The sheep are well, but I think my ram is starting to feel his oats. Yesterday when I was checking everyone out while eating, he came out of the flock and walked toward me. Now, he is generally not friendly to me (suspicious of me), so I did not really trust his motivations. I generally carry a stick with me now, because my woman's intuition, or gut, or what have you, tells me he will be one of those spit head rams....but, maybe not.. I just want to have something to defend myself with.

Food for the sheep has been upped a bit. I tend to doubt that the Border Leicesters are bred, but who knows. Who really knows for any of them. I do know that I am starting to get nervous. I have a vet friend who is in Florida with the horse circuit during the winter, but should be back in time for my lambing... I will definitely avail myself of his knowledge and help!!!!!

Yesterday, did two laps with the dogs. I carried the pup for some of both laps. He did enjoy it, but boy am I glad he's leash trained. He's a different pup than Dan was, that's for sure. Oh, and I think I may have a name. Tuff was not working. So, once I am positive I will share my pick!

Well, that's the update for now.

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