Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week is rolling on. So far, Joe continues to dominate my time. It's tough getting schedules set, and let me tell you, as he ages, he is definitely getting more endurance. He goes with us to the farm every day, and we walk two laps- he gets carried for some of it. I am also now tying him up to the fence when I take care of the sheep- more stimulation = better sleeping at night, is how I look at it.

I have gotten back into the swing of tackling one project/job a day at home. Yesterday I took back a cabinet I had used for house repairs/fixing supplies, and moved all that stuff into my storage room. I will continue doing that and chucking more stuff. I want to tackle all the closets.

On the livestock front- got most of my supplies in for the lambing, if it happens. I still want to get a lamb saver kit, so I can be ready for that. Colostrum too. I plan to vaccinate everyone the first week of March. They are now up to 8 lbs of food, and by the end of the week it will be 9 lbs.

I worked Dan yesterday, and what I did was very good for him- I kept the lambs in an area where there was strong pressure to the barn, and there was sufficient room for them to make it if he was too far off, and then, if he covered them on the way to the barn, they would squirt off in the other direction, and he had to be way more careful. It really shaped him up. We also did little flanks on driving and more precise work. He was very happy to work. Joe watched, and he also chewed on a stick.

John had a little ewe lamb the other day. She looks good. Mother is probably a two year old. Pretty ewe.

This weekend, I would love to go work Dan at E's place, but I doubt I can because I don't want to mess up the feeding schedule of the sheep.... Maybe if I show my sister...........

Well, that's it for now!

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