Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend's here! Thank goodness. This week- let's see, I think we have 17 lambs at John's- with four sets of twins. Soon we will be done with what the older ram did and the new ram will reveal his kids. It's not been all rosy at John's as the sheep can be nervous and sometimes, getting a new mom into the maternity ward is not easy. Enter Lucy. If it were not for her, life would be much much worse for all involved.

Joe continues to do well, although he is much busier and I am much more tired. His ears have an identity crisis, and I think one will remain down and one half way up. It's a rather, um, interesting look.

Got some fencing yesterday for the barn yard; I did not go with the panels as frankly, they are a total pita to move and handle, and the fence was on sale :) So, today that gets done. I detest pounding posts, but John lent me a spring loaded one, so that ought to make it somewhat better.

I have just had some toast for breakfast, with my coffee and soon will get my butt in gear to get this fencing done, oh how I do not love doing it. I am a wuss- my hands freeze and I always poke/injure myself. Oh well. Also, I have to get some straw today. Can't forget that.

I was just thinking- imagine how much I have gotten done, without donations, without free labor by friends. All by myself- oh, and by paid labor. I think what I am doing is sort of how normal life is, and BOY does it make you appreciate what you have more. It's surely tempting to ask for free help and money, but every single time I try, I can't. I just can't. I mean, I practice the words- you know, if you help me, YOU can live through me, and this is your dream too... But, somehow those words sound about as honest as well, a politician's speech when he's trying to get elected. Those of you in the same boat as me- with huge debt, working full time, and with no added source of income, please know I support you, and the hard work without charity that it takes to make it in this world. Imagine if the settlers waited until they got charity to make themselves. We'd still have a Queen and be singing Hail to her :)

On another note, sheep are doing well. I am getting nervous as heck. You know you are first time lamber when your sheep book has the lambing calendar page creased enough the book opens right to it. I just hope that they all have healthy babies. It's a real rite of passage for me. Helping John has been good, but these are MY sheep...

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