Friday, February 17, 2012

No new lambs at John's yesterday. This year is like last; a few early birds and then a ton in March. Only thing is, is that the third week of October we pulled the old ram and put the new ram lamb in. This may be a very extended season.

Yesterday, I brought Lucy, Dan, and Joe to the vet for their spring and puppy shots. Joe was very good. Although I can't believe that the weight they got (on the table scale) is right. The assistant said it was 19.6 lbs...????? I may re-weigh him at some point because there is no way he feels near 20 lbs. Or, maybe my arms are just getting buff ;) Anyway, he was very sweet and loving, and everyone loved him. Puppies do that. Dan was excellent- giving kisses to the vet. He's got one of the best temperaments I have seen in a BC. He weighed out at 36.3 lbs, and vet noted he was "a little" underweight. Lucy weighed in at 33 lbs. She's fit as a fiddle, and EVERYONE LOVES LUCY. The blog name is so apropos. That was the majority of our day.

I made chocolate chip cookies later, and had them and some milk for dinner. MMMM. When I went to bring Joe out for his last constitutional, I was stupid and did not put my shoes on right. I ended up falling down the deck stairs. I was in my bring pink chenille robe and just before I landed, I tossed the pup out of my way. He was fine, but I rolled my right foot and am just generally sore. STUPID me. I won't do that again. We don't land so softly as we age. Joe didn't skip a beat.

So glad today is Friday. I need a weekend. Don't know really why, but I would love to get out of town.... No plans, except to work Dan, much to his elation!

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