Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things..... I have started reading at night again, and it really helps me to sleep and I wake up much more relaxed. Joe's doing well at night these days. He's starting to become a bit of an imp. For instance, this morning, as I was sitting, he jumped up to my lap, I pushed him off, and he came back each time. They say this is the period where they learn their place in the pack, and who's boss- including humans. So, I best be on my toes...

Brought him to the vet yesterday to get some frontline spray, as I found some ticks on him. They weighed him (on the big dog scale) and he was 17.6 lbs. That's about two more lbs than Dan at that age... He was very good. He was called "handsome" by the vet, which I think he is...

He got to see a horse and some cows yesterday. He was curious, but when the horse whinnied, he got a bit worried. But, these animals were good, none moved fast, or bothered him. He needs to be exposed to a lot of things.

Today, I have to hit the grocery and feed stores, and then, just the usual at the farm. Trying to hang there a little longer each day, makes the end of the day come faster, and then I can rest!

Well, that's it for now.

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