Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A friend of mine responded to my lilty email today, writing that I was in a grand mood.  Boy, that's cool- I guess I am.  I was not feeling great a few days ago, some days I just get so tired/exhausted that well, thank goodness for the animals or I would never get out of bed!  I am pretty happy I guess.

I may or may not get those gates up tomorrow- gotta see if Charlie will come or not.  If we do do the work, then we have to start early, as it's going to be HOT.  Weds and Thurs heat indices in the 100s.  Yuck.

Joe is becoming a handful.  He wants to work the other dogs; especially Lucy.  That's a big no-no.  He's her size now, so I think she will have to end up telling him off.  I can't have her loose when I run Dan and Lucy because Dan and Joe tag team to work Lucy.  It's just bad behavior and someone will get hurt.  Joe really needs to start working now.  But, I do not have a pen and I need to rectify that.  I will see if Charlie and I can get one set up.  Not sure if my adult ewes can do the job (be worked by a pup), and if not, I am not sure I want to bring in new sheep with unknown health status.  So, we shall see....

I was driving in to work this morning, and that Lee Greenwood song "God Bless the USA" came on, and I got tears in my eyes.  It's almost a Pavlovian response.  Of course I think of 9/11, but more so as time wears on, I just think of how proud I am to be American.  Even though it's popular these days to avoid saying such things, I will stick to my guns on this.

Work, yes, do you all have day jobs?  I bet most of you (us) do.  It's a necessary evil, and for me, I do get a bit of reward out of what I do for a living (I work with animals) and well, I like to get up and out during the day.  I think if I worked from home, say, had a farm, I would be itching to go somewhere each day...... But, I don't know if that will ever happen.  I figure everything we do happens for a reason.  I have my father's work ethic (he still works full time and is in his 70s).  I have never not worked- since I can remember...  What's the point of saying this?  If you are happy doing what you are doing (whatever that is) go ahead and keep doing it.  Don't question "should I try and work from home?" unless you want to.   It reminds me of the Internet dating world- many singles join because they think they would/should be happier with another in their life, but many of us are dang happy alone....

The video I put up is just me trying to get some shots of my ram lamb.  He's pretty fabulous and he will be kept as a breeder, some where.  You just don't see that look anymore in Cheviots.

Well, that's it for now, hope you enjoy the video and are enjoying your week!

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